Perfume has a vocation: EVOCATION
Maison de Parfum Berry creates the sublimation of the olfactory identity.
Maison de parfum Berry creates tailor-made olfactory signatures  for professionals and individuals.
These fragrant creations reflect a particular idea, a place, a company by adapting in a flexible and creative way to your request.
These scents can take the form of a perfume bottle and/or be declined in candles, notebooks, bookmarks, business cards... according to your wishes.

They trusted us:

The Leopard Leaf

Fragrance made for ADNormandie as part of the trophies of the éco Normande 2018.

Perfume for peace

The perfume of peace was created for the Normandy Region as part of the first International Peace Forum in June 2018. The fragrance has been declined in a fragrant notebook.

Marine odours

As part of the new exhibition of the City of the Sea of Cherbourg "The Ocean of the Future" we were asked to create five fragrances linked to marine smells: skunk, oyster, iodine, seaweed, pollack.

Maison de Parfum Berry has created the sublimation of the olfactory identity. The place has a scent, not just a smell. Perfume is the sublimated version of smell, it tells a story. Maison de parfum Berry combines the art of the nose and fine chemistry with proprietary algorithms to restore, by combining physical samples and artificial intelligence, the essence of a place, its OLFACTIVE IDENTITY; innovative and exceptional know-how, several times awarded, that we can put at your disposal.